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P is for Poncho

Ponchos for Women

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Scarf Room’s head office. Okay, okay – Scarf Room’s only office! We’ve had box after box of new arrivals in from Italy, all in readiness for the colder months ahead.  

This year I’ve looked forward to the arrival of new colours added to our absolutely stunning Cashmere Mix Poncho collection.  And it got me thinking:

Where does the poncho actually come from?

The Birthplace of the Poncho

A quick google search later and I now know that the poncho has its origins in the beautiful Andes in South America. The word poncho describes a very simple sleeveless garment with unseen sides and a space for the head to pass through.  Ponchos were previously worn out of necessity.  A poncho would keep your body warm and protect it from harsh weather. However, it still allowed the wearer to move freely and, therefore, work comfortably.  In traditional society, a poncho was deemed to be an important part of culture. Therefore, it was only the men who were permitted to wear the more lavishly designed ponchos.   

Happily for us, in recent years the poncho has made the transition from the Andes to our catwalks.  And into my wardrobe! 

A Ladies’ Poncho is Stylish and Cosy

A beautiful ladies’ poncho can breathe new life into your cold weather wardrobe.  This is a recent discovery.  The first time I wore a poncho was when I began working at Scarf Room. Being a soft southerner, I feel the cold from September through to April!  In addition to a cashmere poncho being a luxurious and stylish accessory, I discovered how great this outer wear can be as inner wear. A ladies’ poncho really does offer you an extra layer of warmth, whether you are inside or out, and it has become an essential part of my own wardrobe.

Made in Italy

Being made in Italy, our new Cashmere Mix Ponchos also allow you to tap into a little Italian style (as well as South American tradition).  If you have ever been to Italy, you will know what Italians do best – fashion.  Every time I visit, I marvel once more at their ability to put together outfits.  In particular, their confidence in accessorising with great shoes, bags and, of course, scarves!  Our beautiful women’s ponchos allow you to channel some of this Italian aplomb effortlessly:

As they say in Italy:

“A guardare senza fiato elegante” – to be stylish without taking a breath!

Our wear-with-anything women’s ponchos are made from a beautiful cashmere-mix and are available in a palette of on-trend colours. Each poncho has been made to the highest standard of quality and workmanship featuring a simple weave, gentle waterfall neckline and elegant ribbed detailing on the hem. They are carefully woven to create a very soft texture and being a cashmere mix really are beautifully warm.  So they will take you effortlessly through the cooler months.  

New to Ponchos?

A poncho really is a beautiful alternative to a sweater or jacket. We have also deliberately chosen block colours which make our ponchos supremely versatile and easy to wear.  You can team them with both plain and patterned and dress them up for the evening or dress them down over jeans, dresses and skirts for the day.

Obviously, as with with all fashion, there is no right or wrong way to wear your Cashmere Mix Poncho and whether you opt for a relaxed dressed-down look over jeans or go for something smarter, this beautiful item is a key wardrobe piece that you’ll come back to time and time again.  

Fake Fur Pom Pom Ponchos

But it doesn’t stop there!  We have also added a new addition of pom-pom ponchos to our collection.  Our faux fur ladies’ ponchos are a fun (and cruelty-free) addition to our range. These poncho wraps will also add a layer of warmth and a splash of colour to your wardrobe when the weather turns cold. 

We have to admit that, when we first saw them, the quality of the pom-poms was so high that it threw us a little. However, a quick test revealed that they are (reassuringly) fake.  Because we are all animal lovers at Scarf Room, we are committed to never knowingly using real fur in the products we sell.  

Take a look at our pom-pom ponchos for yourselves.  They are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

A Ladies’ Poncho Makes a Great Gift

And finally, don’t forget that a cashmere poncho would also make a great gift for your female friends and family or yourself.  Think Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays or Valentine’s Day.  It’s personal without being too personal, and it’s not something every woman already has in her wardrobe so it’s something a little different.

Buy your Scarf Room poncho now!  Click here to visit our Ponchos page!

What do you think of the ponchos trend?  And how do you wear yours?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!

Love Scarf Room X

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