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an image showing a merino wool and silk pashmina from our merino wool and silk wedding collection
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We can help you to colour match

Scarves for Women

Welcome to Scarf Room. We are the UK’s leading online retailer of beautiful scarves for women.  We offer an unparalleled selection of quality scarves and many of these cannot be found anywhere else.  Our buyers have strong relationships with well-respected suppliers worldwide. We can therefore source pieces for your everyday and special occasion wardrobe.  Explore our collections and find the perfect scarf or pashmina today.  

Our Brand

We are more than just a retailer. Through our number 37 label, we are the UK’s leading scarves brand. Often copied but never replicated, we deliver on quality and design every time. Our collection is extensive and includes Italian Pashmina Shawls, Cashmere Mix Scarves and Ponchos. In addition, we offer Wool Silk Mix and Cashmere Scarf Womens collection from Nepal. Also, Evening Shawls and Wraps UK. Last but not least, we sell unique hand-embroidered Indian Shawls from Kashmir.

Shipping Worldwide

We are proud of our international links and are therefore happy to ship worldwide. And, even though we are an online company, we provide a customer helpline to assist you. You can also use our unique colour-match service to help you find the perfect scarf for your outfit.  Our office hours are 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. Call us on 01253 733870 now to speak to a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team.