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The New Girl Upstairs - This is Floral

There is no denying that fashion's love affair with florals shows no signs of abating and that, from London to Milan, designers are still crazy for blooms, keeping them firmly in the limelight. The runways of Balenciaga, Gucci and Erdem were bursting with florals in a myriad of designs from subtle softer prints to those which were bolder and more scene-stealing - oversized, life-sized, applique, even 3D.     And now these beautiful bursts of colour are appearing everywhere and on everything in the high street from dresses, skirts, bags, boots and, even, (happiness) sunglasses.

There is a real joy and positive vibe about florals and, especially at this time of year when colour is beginning to burst through in our own gardens and other green spaces, a sense of embracing the advent of spring with open arms and a big fat grin on our winter-tired skin.   It's difficult to wear a beautiful floral without a little smile on your face, isn't it?   It's also a joy to have a chance to embrace our more feminine side with a little pop of floral.   This is especially true for someone like me who wears any colour and print, just as long as it's completely BLACK!

Obviously, not many of us have the courage to wear head to toe floral and, frankly, that kind of look can appear a little too try-hard.     A simple accessory which references the trend is often enough.   And as I've said many times before, that really is the beauty of a scarf.   You can very easily tap into a fashion by accessorising with a simple and very versatile accessory but without committing to a whole new wardrobe.   What is needed sometimes is just a nod to a trend without going completely overboard.   And at Scarf Room, we have a beautiful range of number 37 floral print and floral patterned scarves whatever your taste, be it subtle, softer and more feminine or bolder and more statement-led and graphic.    Our collection consists of favourites which we return to time and time again as well as stunning new additions that have just arrived, many of them from Italy.

To give you a little overview was a very difficult choice but here are just a few of my favourite number 37 floral print and floral patterned scarves from the Scarf Room stockroom.  Please do take a look at our website to see the full blooming collection!


A photograph showing a neon coral flowers scarf
Neon Coral Flowers Scarf


A photograph showing a pretty flowers Italian micromodal scarf
Pretty Flowers Italian MicroModal Scarf


A photograph showing a floral yellow scarf

Floral Print Scarf Mustard Pink And Red 

A photograph showing a red and white poppies scarf
Red & Beige Poppies Scarf


A photograph showing a purple and yellow tulips floral print scarf Purple and Yellow Tulips Floral Print Scarf



Ciao bellissime.   A presto.   XXX


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