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The New Girl Upstairs - How to Dress Like an Italian Woman

I think I've mentioned in an earlier blog that I lived in Italy as a young student.  One of the first things that I noticed when I moved out there was how important fashion is to Italian women - style is taught from an early age and even my university student friends were incredibly put-together.   I remember sitting having my coffee in the beautiful Piazza del Campo just aghast at how stylish the Italian women were either on their way to work or taking their children to school. Out went my ripped jeans, loafers and no make-up look and in came a slightly more polished version.  In fact, I clearly remember the turning point when I knew I literally had to put on lipstick before I went out to buy milk from the little store across the road.    And so, although it may have appeared to any passer-by that I was just another straniera sitting watching the world go by in Siena's famous square, I was, in fact, using the time wisely studying Italian women and de-coding their fashion rules.   I now offer this knowledge to you.

an image showing Italy

Buy Italian

Whether it's cars or handbags, the Italians like to buy Italian.   Made in Italy is seen as a mark of quality and suggests wonderful raw materials and a very high standard of workmanship.    Many of Scarf Room's collections are sourced in Italy.   It is a country that we all love and visit regularly to look to for style inspiration.   Our Italian Collection is one we are at Scarf Room are extremely proud of as we believe it offers Italian style at very affordable prices.   Our beautiful Italian Collection includes our Super Soft Classic Italian Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarves, Super Soft Italian Winter Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarves, our MicroModal scarves, Italian Linen Stripe Scarves and Italian Cashmere-Mix Scarves and Snoods.

Invest in the Best 

Italian women will always invest in the best they can afford knowing that it will always pay dividends in terms of the sheer pleasure of wearing it as well as its longevity and cost-per-wear.   In my opinion, they do not seem to shop as regularly as the average English woman but when they do they buy luxury and invest in the highest quality clothing they can.   Italian women especially love cashmere!   Scarf Room's Cashmere-mix Scarves and Snoods (see below) are deliciously soft and a supremely affordable way of accessing this Italian tradition.


Cashmere Mix Scarf - White

Statement Handbags

We all know that Italian handbags are coveted the world over and for good reason - the raw materials and craftsmanship is exquisite - just think Gucci, Prada and Coccinelle.   And, in addition to a little handbag candy, an Italian woman will often tie a beautiful silk scarf around the handle of either a day or evening bag for an insouciant twist.


Silk Scarf - Petal Print

Don't Expose Too Much Flesh

Italian women do not like to reveal too much flesh.   Even on the beach or poolside they will be the ones wearing a flattering cover-up or sarong. Scarf Room's beautiful silk scarves come in an enviable palette of colours and are generous enough to be worn as a sarong for a summer beach holiday or winter break in a boutique hotel.

Go Glamorous Every Day

Le donne italiane are never afraid to be glamorous and love to dress up when they get the opportunity.   Think sequins, glitter, metallics.   Just remember to match the bling with a more neutral palette to keep the look elegant and sophisticated.    Our beautiful Italian Metallic Pashminas offer your evening wardrobe a little Italian elegance.   We love the shimmer and sparkle of these pashminas.

Statement Pieces

Linked to the above.   Italian women know the value of a great statement piece and have the confidence to wear it with an air of nonchalance.   Wearing an item in a different way is very Italian and allows you to inject a touch of individuality into every look.  A beautiful scarf can do this.   Rather than tucking it in or tying it tight make the scarf the outfit!   Or have you ever thought about a headscarf?   Italian women love their headscarves.    Think summer in Capri.    Again, keep the palette simple - just add one bold accent and everything else stays simple and neutral.


Butterfly Silk Scarf

Don't Wait for Special Occasions

My year in Italy taught me how much the Italians love life.   To them, every day is an opportunity to enjoy the la dolce vita.   So don't save that beautiful silk scarf for some unspecific day in the future - wear it now!  Bring the beautiful into every day.


Orange Floral Silk Scarf

Never Take Off Your Shades.  Ever.

Everyone looks way more sexy in a pair of cool shades.   This is one Italian style tip that has ALWAYS stayed with me.   Wear them at all times.   I think I only take mine off in the shower.

Wear Colour

Italian women (and men) love colour and are not afraid of it.   I remember in my early 20s going on holiday with one of my very close Italian friends.   She was horrified that I had chosen to wear a black swimsuit.   Why would I wear black when I could wear colour?!   Don't get me wrong, Italian women do wear black but they haven't forgotten all the other beautiful colours that are available, too.    A good place to begin your colour journey may be with one of our Super Soft Classic Italian Pashminas which come in an enviable palette of over 35 on-trend colours.   They can be worn draped gently over the shoulders for a more formal occasion or doubled up or worn loose for a more relaxed daytime effect.   And once you start wearing colour, you will be amazed at the difference it will make and the style possibilities it will offer.    If you are unsure about colour and need help, then please call our Customer Help Line on 01253 733870 and we will be happy to give you any colour-match advice you need.


Orange Pashmina 


And finally ....
You Are Your Own Beautiful
Although, yes, we can all look to the beautiful italiane for style inspiration, just remember that beauty and style come in many guises irrespective of shape, size and nationality.   Just be your own beautiful.
Ciao bellissime.  A presto!



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