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The New Girl Upstairs - Help! I Have Absolutely Nothing to Wear!

Have you started to get that feeling?

You know that feeling when Christmas feels just a tiny bit closer and your diary starts to fill up just a little bit more quickly than usual and you have absolutely NOTHING TO WEAR?!

Well, I might well be preaching to the converted but have you considered the difference a new scarf can make, almost breathing new life into a wardrobe that may have lost a little of its spice.

If you are a regular visitor, you will have seen from our website that we have added lots of beautiful new items to our collection, which we hope will help with that "what to wear conundrum" and take you from day to evening with plenty of sparkle and metallics to get you party-ready and fabulous.

So, allow me to introduce you to our Scarf Room's new arrivals!

Metallic Pashminas.

If you are looking for a sprinkle of sparkle and spice, then take a look at our new Metallic Italian Pashminas that have just arrived from Italy.  In a palette of on-trend colours and featuring a simple metallic silver stitching throughout with gentle fringing to complete the look, these scarves can be worn loose, doubled around the neck or simply draped over one shoulder.   These beautiful pieces lend a touch of individuality to any outfit and would work equally well over a simple knit during the day or elegant evening- or party-wear at night.   A must-have for your all-year round wardrobe.    In addition, we also have a beautiful new collection of Metallic Italian Gold Pashminas, Silver Star Pashminas and Metallic Italian Florals.   Gorgeous!

an image showing a metallic pashmina

Patterned Pashminas.

Adding to our well-established capsule collection of Patterned Pashminas, these new arrivals come in a variety of stunning jewel colours, many of which are reversible, and look striking as a beautiful accessory over simple knitwear during the day and elegant wear at night.  They can be worn loose, doubled up around the neck or just draped over one shoulder.  Stunning!

an image showing a patterned pashmina

Christmas Scarves.

If you want to add a little festive cheer to any outfit these heartwarming Christmas Scarves feature all your seasonal favourites.   Adorable!


Classic Italian Pashminas.

And finally, for those looking for a more understated elegance, we have even added several new colours to our Classic Italian Pashmina range with ivory, navy blue, mid-brown and biscuit.   Sophisticated!


an image showing a classic Italian pashmina

We really hope we have included something for everyone with our beautiful new arrivals and hope you love them as much as we do.    Enjoy the party season!

Ciao bellissime!   A presto!


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