Can We Have a Yodel for Modal?!

Can we have a yodel for Modal???

Well can YOU think of a better word that rhymes with Modal!!!   No – I’ve tried, but I can’t either!

But what exactly is Modal?    

Well simply put, Modal is actually a type of viscose (any fabric or fibre made from the wood pulp of a tree) but unlike other types of viscose, Modal is made only from beechwood.   It may be used alone or together with other fibres such as cotton. 

If you have never encountered Modal before, you should!!!   It has a very unique feel – smooth but with a certain depth to the fabric.  It also has a high “wet strength” which allows it to be machine-washed and tumble-dried.  This is because the Modal fibres are very stable and so do not shrink or get pulled out of shape when wet.   It also tends to pill less.   Added to all this, the beechwood fibres take and hold dye easily which can result in beautiful deep colours unlikely to fade during washing.  

Given all its obvious advantages, it is easy to see why Modal is growing in popularity and is increasingly used in fashion and interiors – activewear, underwear, shirts, towels, bedlinen and bathrobes – to name but a few.

Modal also has an interesting history.   Although the concept of modal fibres being used in fabrics was originally developed in Japan in 1951, the idea was subsequently developed and refined by an Austrian company called Lenzing AG, who specialise in textiles.   And it is Lenzing which is behind the creation of the wonderful and relatively new product called MicroModal, which is a very lightweight mircoform of Modal.

We at Scarf Room have found that MicroModal is an excellent base for scarves and pashminas in that it lends itself very easily to styling – for those times when you are feeling creative and want, perhaps, to make more of a feature of your scarf.  

It is also an excellent choice for scarf-wearing during the summer as it is both absorbent and breathable, staying very cool to the touch.   

The variety of scarves being offered using either part or 100% MicroModal is ever-increasing and this is, in turn, reflected in the choice of MicroModal scarves that we can now offer in our beautiful capsule number 37collection.  

Here are some of my current favourites:-

This lightweight aqua blue Italian MicroModal scarf is a new addition to our beautiful capsule collection of MicroModal scarves.    The range comes in a stunning palette of fresh colours with a gentle fringing to complete the look and feels wonderfully soft against the skin.   These scarves are incredibly versatile and can be worn in a number of ways: doubled around the neck or worn loose for a more relaxed daytime look.    They would also look gorgeous as a beach cover-up.    

Image showing a blue floral Italian scarf

Blue Floral Bloom Scarf

This pretty MicroModal scarf features a feminine but still on-trend abstract design in an aqua blue and pink palette.  Again, it is a very versatile choice and could be worn in several ways.   The fact that it is 100% MicroModal means that it will feel cool against the skin on a hot summer’s day so would be a perfect accessory to bring on holiday.

Luxuriously crafted from 100% MicroModal, next up is this exquisite Italian MicroModal scarf which is another new addition to Scarf Room’s collection of women’s MicroModal scarves.   This scarf features an elegant and eye-catching on trend zebra decorative print in a rich palette of beige and black.  Wear loose, tied at the neck or knotted at one shoulder to inject a touch of elegance and individuality to any outfit.   This scarf would be a fabulous addition to your all year round wardrobe.

This fourth and final scarf I have chosen is another gorgeous Italian MicroModal with a black abstract spots design on a subtle grey background allowing you to channel a little Italian chic into your all year round wardrobe.

Ciao bellissime.  A presto!!!

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