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The New Girl Upstairs - A Wonderful Winter Wedding

Several years ago, I was invited to an Italian wedding in Genoa on the north-western coast of Italy.   The traditional Catholic service took place in a beautiful, centuries-old church on a hill-top just outside the city centre.   It was a beautiful and elegant occasion, the men wearing dark suits and the women understated and sophisticated, straight out of a Dolce & Gabbana advert.

There are certain things that remain clear in my mind - arriving late as I had decided just hours before the service that my shoes did not match my outfit and having to buy a new pair; the cries of "Cent'anni!" ("A hundred years to the bride and groom!") during the toasts; the so-called Venetian table provided by the newly-weds for their guests - a lavish feast of fruit, sorbet sculptures and desserts that are laid out at the end of the wedding breakfast.   It was so, so beautiful and it took my breath away!    But what I remember most was the weather on the day itself.   It was a very cold afternoon in late October and the sky was very clear and bright.   And I remember thinking how beautiful it was to get married at this time of year.    Spring and summer weddings have their own charm and atmosphere - I got married in midsummer - but there is something very special about autumn/winter weddings.   This is especially so if they reference the changing aspects of nature, perhaps, adopting a simple palette of dark berry purples and reds, pumpkin-bright oranges and mushroom browns, and then moving into winter, bright winter whites and creams, vivid reds, ivy greens and hot-chocolate browns.  Deep purples, vivid blues and golds look incredible too.   Complemented by seasonal food, drink and music all create a completely different feel to a summer wedding.   So beautiful.

If you are thinking about getting married in the autumn/winter and, perhaps, would like to incorporate some of the elegance and style of an Italian wedding into your day, our beautiful Super Soft Italian Wedding Pashmina Shawl Wraps are a wonderful place to begin.

For the Bride

For the bride, we offer our beautiful Super Soft Italian Wedding Pashmina Shawl Wraps.  For a traditional feel, white and ivory are the obvious choices but these beautiful pashminas come in over 30 colours and feature a simple but elegant plain weave with gentle fringing to complete the look.   Gently draped over the shoulders, and offering an elegant layer against the cold, they are the perfect finishing touch.

For her Bridesmaids

The choice of colours for bridesmaids' dresses can be overwhelming.    A good place to begin is often to look at what is happening in nature and incorporate some of the seasonal colours of the flowers, foliage and berries available at this time of year.    Our Super Soft Italian Wedding Pashmina Shawl Wraps in mulberry, plum purple, teal green and mandarin red, even burnt coral and amber yellow, can work beautifully for an autumn wedding and then moving into winter you might want to dip into a slightly more dramatic palette - red,  light grey, dark grey, aubergine, parisian blue, white or any one of our gorgeous greens.



an image showing a mandarin red wedding pashmina

an image showing a green wedding pashmina

For her (and perhaps his) Mother 

A beautiful Super Soft Italian Wedding Pashmina Shawl Wrap chosen to complement the bridesmaids' dresses can look stylish and elegant for both the bride's and groom's mother.    If not, a a patterned pashmina or silk scarf could offer a beautiful alternative.    Our collection of women's patterned pashminas and 100% women's pure silk scarves come in a tempting palette of colours and lend an elegant detail to any special occasion outfit.

an image showing a patterned pashmina


an image showing a patterned pashmina


For their Guests

Guests will always appreciate a token of thanks which can be taken away as a touching reminder of the special day they were a part of.   A beautiful Super Soft Italian Wedding Pashmina Shawl Wrap in the featured wedding colour would make a beautiful and useful gift, especially on a cold autumn or winter wedding day.   I saw a wedding party standing on Lytham Green recently, shivering as they waited for their wedding photographer.    A simple pashmina would have made all the difference!

These wedding favours can be placed in a decorative basket with a personal message inviting the female guests to help themselves to one or, alternatively, can be draped over each guest's chair to be taken away at the end of the wedding breakfast.

an image showing a basket of pashminas


At Scarf Room, we love weddings.   We really do.    If you are planning your wedding and need any help with choosing a Super Soft Italian Wedding Pashmina Shawl Wrap or, indeed, other scarf to accent yours or your guests' outfits or to offer as a beautiful gift to take away, please do not hesitate to call us on 01253 733870 and ask for Brenda.  We would be more than happy to help you plan your wonderful wedding day.  We offer a generous discount on orders for 10 or more pashminas.

Ciao bellissime.   A presto!




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