The Girl Upstairs: Who Doesn't Love A Pink Scarf

Choosing a ladies scarf colour can be quite difficult. There are just too many beautiful options and so many can match with different outfits. However, when looking for something a little more elegant then a pink scarf is definitely one of the safest options.

Pink is such a pretty and feminine colour. It is so easy to match with a range of outfits and with numerous shades and styles available in pink scarves it couldn’t be easier to find the perfect one for you; one that matches the rest of your wardrobe easily. I am sure you can find the right scarf for you, whether you want something for all year, for an event or just for adding a classy touch to any look, there is something for you.

From our collection, one of my favourite plain pink scarves is the Super Soft Plain Pink Fringed Cotton Mix Scarf. Although there isn’t a fancy pattern or print featured on this scarf I feel that sometimes simple can be just as effective at making a statement. The bright colour scheme of this pink scarf is perfect for adding to a range of outfits, be it summer or winter. It is certainly capable of adding life to any outfit and can easily become a central focus of any outfit. Not only does it look elegant but it feels it too with a super soft touch.

Scarf Room - The No 37 Label Large Super Soft Plain Pink Fringed Modal Mix Scarf_b

The lightweight, floaty effect of a silk scarf offers elegance on its own but when pink is featured on it results in something extremely pretty. A great example of this is our Hot Pink, Purple & Yellow Floral Print Pure Silk Scarf. The stunning floral design on this pink scarf is a lovely pairing for a range of outfits. Although this women’s scarf is so lightweight it doesn’t restrict it to just spring and summer looks, I particularly think this scarf is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to a dark autumn or winter outfit, uplifting it a little.

If you are looking for something you can wear all year round then our Super Soft Dusky Pink Blush Italian Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf is for you. It can be easily styled in so many ways. Just hang it simply around your neck to create a simple yet effective addition to your outfit. Another great way of styling this pink scarf if by wrapping it around your shoulder and letting the ends drape over your arms creates a lovely wrap, perfect for keeping you a little warmer in summer if you don’t want to wear a jacket or a lovely extra layer in winter.


There is a pink scarf for everyone, some featuring lovely and intricate patterns and others are simple yet effective with both lighter and darker colours. They are just so elegant and are the perfect way to add a feminine touch to your outfit. We have a large collection of pink scarves and I’m sure you can find the perfect one for you.

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