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The Girl Upstairs: Tartan Season Is Fast Approaching

It’s coming up to the time of year when tartan is starting to appear again; the popular pattern that is most often associated with Scotland and pops up mostly during the colder months. Inspired by traditional Scottish dress, like the kilts that show off the design, tartan scarves have become hugely popular again all over the UK in recent years, especially in winter.

In the colder weather it’s really nice to wrap up and add plenty of extra layers and there are lots of oversized scarves and wraps around, perfect for keeping cosy when the chilly weather sets in. Some of the most stylish designs are tartan based and there are some really lovely twists on the traditional tartan design.

Traditional colour schemes include the Royal Stewart tartan in red, navy and black and the Black Watch tartan in black, navy and green, both of which are really lovely patterns and tend to be used as inspiration for stylish ladies’ scarves and wraps. Both of these styles are beautiful and look great, but with the current popularity of the design, there are so many different colour schemes to choose from, from subtle colours to bold and bright designs, which makes it easy to choose one to suit your style.


The Winter Knit Scarf Multicoloured Pink looks gorgeous with this a coat and bobble hat - it just completes the look perfectly.


The Winter Knit Check Scarf Mustard is also a really nice take on the design because it’s a really sweet colour scheme and very feminine, so if you want to add an elegant look to your outfit this is a really lovely one. Here it is paired with a simple white top and just looks so pretty and adds a lot to the outfit.

an  image showing a tartan scarf

It’s really easy to style tartan scarves and wraps with a range of outfits, including with a dress, with a jacket, and when it’s really cold you can wear them either tucked into a thick coat, or you can wear them over the top of your coat to really emphasise it and make it the stand out feature of your outfit.

One of the most popular nights to wear tartan is Burns Night, it’s a good way of wearing tartan without having your whole outfit being taken over and it can be a lovely complement to a posh dress.  Another occasion when it is really popular to wear this style of women's scarf is bonfire night, especially as it’s an outdoor event, so it’s a great way of staying wrapped up warm whilst also staying stylish and even creating a stand-out look, depending on what types of colours you choose.

Explore our full collection of women's tartan scarves and find the perfect scarf or wrap for your autumn and winter wardrobe, whether you’re looking for a large and cosy blanket wrap or a chic and stylish scarf.

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