The Girl Upstairs: Summer: The Season Of Yellow

Spring and summer is definitely the time of year when lighter and brighter colours start to find their way back into our wardrobes. It is a kind of fresh start after all the grey and drizzle of winter and many of us can’t wait for a bit of sunshine and colour.

The perfect summer colour for adding a bit of life to your wardrobe must be yellow. It’s so bright and summery and I feel it is a great colour to accessorise with as we enter the warmer months in the year.

For a basic addition to an outfit I love our Yellow Italian Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf. This block colour ladies scarf is a gorgeous pale yellow colour that can be easily added to a jeans an t-shirt look. As it is a pashmina shawl wrap it can be either tied as a normal scarf would to give a lovely, simple addition to your outfit or you can wrap it round your body to cover you arms if it is a little cooler. Either way, this is wonderful addition to a summer look and could even be worn to a wedding if you need to cover your arms when wearing a dress but don’t want to ruin your look by wearing a coat.

Scarf Room - The No 37 Label Super Soft Lemon Yellow Italian Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf_a

Yellow colour scheme is a great match for a range of other colours. If you really want it to stand out, pairing it with a blah t-shirt is a great way to show off the colour but white also makes a gorgeous match. It even matches with a range of blues, a great colour scheme for warmer months.

Brighter yellow women's scarves are great for warmer months but yellow can be a gorgeous colour in autumn as well. Mustard yellow has recently become a popular colour in autumn and it really does match well with a lot of autumn looks.

Mustard Yellow Pashmina

Pairing darker yellows with other autumnal colours can create stunning looks. One of my favourite looks with a mustard scarf in autumn is ankle boots, black jeans, a plain top and a leather-look jacket. It’s a very basic look but looks great and really show cases the scarf.

Yellow Lace Panel Pashmina

Yellow scarves are a wonderful accessory that you can style all year round for gorgeous looks. The different shades available make it a fabulous colour for the transition between the warmer summer months into autumn.

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