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The Girl Upstairs: Snoods: Simple Styling For Autumn / Winter

Snoods are literally so easy to wear and are the perfect ladies scarf for Autumn / Winter 16. Although there are probably more ways of wearing them than you think, they can be pretty simple to wear and sometimes it’s nice to just have an item of clothing that you can add to an outfit easily. Adding a snood to your outfit can completely change the look and add style and they are perfect for keeping your neck warm in the colder weather.

The simplest way to wear a snood is to let it hang once around your neck - this is better when it’s not too cold, as depending on the length it can fall really nicely and add a pretty layer to your outfit. Obviously there are lots of different types of snoods but one of the really popular styles is a big thick chunky knitted snood, as they look great and can also add warmth when necessary.


This leads us on to another way of wearing them - by twisting and wrapping them around your neck again - which makes a more snug effect and feels that bit warmer - so you can convert to wearing it this way when the weather turns colder. This look suits most coats and jackets and keeping your neck warm is really important in winter, it’s horrible if you forget to wear a scarf because your neck is exposed and I think it really makes you feel a lot colder. So a nice snug snood wrapped around your neck can add the much needed warmth as well as a really stylish edge to your outfit.


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