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The Girl Upstairs: Lace Scarves: A Staple Part Of Our Wardrobe

Lace will always be a popular part of the fashion industry - even when it’s not big within the season, it always still has a presence in some part of our style. It’s fairly popular in wedding dresses and veils, which certainly had a revival in recent years thanks to Kate Middleton. But it is widely associated with elegance, sophistication and glamour. So that’s probably why it is a staple part of our wardrobes.

It is certainly the case that you can have too much lace. I love lace dresses as long as they are quite a subtle colour, but there can be quite a divide, some of my friends can’t stand too much in their outfit. Having little bit therefore isn’t too offensive, little lacy details on your handbag or shoes can be a pretty touch, but another really nice addition to your outfit is a lace scarf, and our collection of women’s scarves are a really lovely compromise, because they are not made entirely of lace, but instead they have either panels within the scarf or trim at each end, which brings just the perfect amount of sophistication to your outfit, whether you want to wear them with a casual outfit, or whether you’re looking to add the perfect finishing touch to your occasion wear.


If you’re going for a really dressed up and sophisticated look, the pale pink elegant silk mix lace panel pashmina shawl wrap scarf is simply stunning, here it is worn with a black evening dress and it finishes the outfit beautifully. Because the lace is fairly see through it means that you can still appreciate the dress that you’re wearing and it still shows off your outfit whilst still adding an elegance to the outfit that really creates a striking and powerful look.


Perfect for both casual and occasion wear, the lace black scarf is an all-round winner, the fact that it is black means that it will go nicely with most things, but it creates a really chic look whether you’re wearing it with jeans and a top or an expensive cocktail dress. Adding lace to a casual outfit always brings an element of glamour, but adding it to an evening dress can create a really sophisticated look - which is why I love the versatility of this scarf. Just make sure you don’t pair it with a lacy dress; that would be overkill!

Scarf Room - The No. 37 Label Lace Trim Black Scarf 2

Every girl needs to have lace inspiration in their wardrobe, and having a lace scarf is really the perfect solution - these beautiful ladies’ scarves add elegance and class, and they can create a really timeless look - you’re not going to be looking back at your outfit in twenty years time, cringing and wondering why you ever thought it was a good look! Choose a style that’s perfect for you, or match one of our scarves to your special outfit and complete your look with a gorgeous elegant style.

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