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The Girl Upstairs: Cosy Up With Our Blanket Cape Wraps

When the temperature drops and it’s starts to feel colder, adding an extra layer is usually the first thing we do - as well as try to work out whether it’s classed as ‘winter’ enough to turn the heating on. So ensuring that we stay snug in the cold weather is definitely a huge priority for us, especially because in this country when it’s cold, it’s really cold.

A nice winter coat is usually how we stay warm, however another style that has been popular in recent years is one type of women’s scarf; blanket cape wraps. They are perfect for just popping on over your outfit and instantly adding a touch of elegance. They look great with jeans, or plain trousers, and although I personally wouldn’t pair a blanket cape wrap with a dress or short skirt as I feel like it looks a bit strange with just your legs showing, there are people that manage to pull it off! It means that these fabulous garments are really versatile and could become a staple part of your autumn and winter wardrobe.

The best thing about a blanket cape wrap is how easy it is to wear - they generally hang nicely around your shoulders, and they hold in place nicely as there are cut-outs for where your arms are, so the shape of them is designed really well. They can be worn with long-sleeved tops and jumpers, so no matter how cold it gets you can wear warmer layers underneath. There’s just something special about wearing a blanket cape wrap that I love, it makes you feel really glamorous and it adds a stylish twist to your outfit, especially if you feel like your outfit is a bit plain!

We have some really lovely designs of blanket cape wraps in our autumn/winter 2016 ladies’ scarves range, but I’ve picked out a few to show you my personal favourites for this season’s trends.


If you’re looking for a really classy blanket cape wrap, the Winter Pashminas are beautiful and it creates a striking look and is perfect for both casual occasions and more sophisticated events. It could be worn for a walk in the park as easily as it could be the finishing touch to a bonfire night outfit, or any kind of evening outdoor event. Although it is a little more expensive, the overall look and feel of this gorgeous blanket cape wrap is absolutely stunning and it would be a perfect winter accessory.

an image showing a winter pashmina

Shop our full collection of gorgeous blanket cape wraps for inspiration on how to add style and class to your autumn and winter wardrobe.

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