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The Girl Upstairs: Bronze Scarves: The Colour For Autumn 16

As we are now in autumn many of us will be looking to reassess our wardrobes. It is a time where colours are constantly changing around us and our outfits have to adapt as well. It is common that autumnal colours such as deep reds, browns and burnt orange start to appear and add a warming look to our outfits as the temperature starts to drop.

A colour that looks absolutely stunning in autumn but is a little less common is bronze. I think it is such a lovely colour to accessorise with and when it is a feature on women's scarves it creates a beautiful effect.

One of my favourite bronze scarves from our collection is the Bronze & Orange Patterned Pashmina. It is slightly very inexpensive but the colour scheme is stunning and the two colours are perfect for autumn months. They both match excellently with other common colours during the autumn season which makes it very easy to style this scarf with your autumn looks.


This scarf is also great for styling in multiple ways. Tying it in unique ways around your neck is so easy and looks gorgeous with a range of outfits. If you want something really unique then try tying this scarf round the handle of a black bag as a bow because it really showcases the colours and creates a truly individual look. You can even wrap it round the handle to give your bag a new style.

Another of my favourite bronze scarves form our collection is the Bronze & Grey Patterned Pashmina. The colour is heavily used on this scarf but it isn’t over done. The two different colours provide a gorgeous effect and are very easy to style with numerous looks.


As this is a pashmina shawl wrap it can be opened wide and wrapped around your body to give a snug feel. This perfect for when it is colder than you thought and you want to cover up a little more. Also, wearing your scarf like this looks stunning and can be added as any layer of an outfit - even over jackets! Styling this ladies' scarf as you normally would also looks wonderful and I especially like it when tucked into a leather-look jacket as it give a quirky edge to a simple look.

It is a colour that can match with a range of others, a great example of this being our Light Bronze And Silver Pashmina. You may not think bronze and teal would be a good match but this scarf just proves that isn’t true. They are very complimentary of each other and give an overall fabulous look that can add a little elegance to a lot of looks. Again, it is a pashmina shawl wrap so can also be used as a larger cover.
Scarf-Room--Bronze Pashmina

I feel that styling a bronze scarf in autumn is a great way to embrace the time of year. The colour is just perfect! It is very complimentary for a range of outfits and looks stunning styled in different ways.

Also, I think that bronze is a great colour to go for if you are aiming to add a touch of class to your outfit. As an accessory colour its perfect as when added to different outfits it doesn’t dominate the whole look but finishes it well.

I definitely recommend bronze scarves as an autumn accessory as they are an excellent match for a range of outfits at this time of year and help add warmth. A gorgeous finishing touch.

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