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Inside Scarf Room : Meet our Stock Manager

This month we caught up with Jade who is the youngest member of the Scarf Room team. Following a two-year training programme to become an Army medic, Jade entered retail in 2011. She now manages the Scarf Room stockroom ensuring that it is well-organised so that customers’ orders can be despatched quickly. Jade is the reason your scarf arrives in such good time!  We call her a packing ninja.  She packs at the speed of lightening whilst ensuring that the right scarf goes out to the right person. She also makes sure that all the scarves are beautifully wrapped. We know this is a detail which is important to our customers as it is frequently mentioned in their reviews. Jade is an essential part of our Scarf Room team and, even on very busy days, stays calm and cool.

When not working: you’re most likely to find her: Shopping
Most used website: Topshop
Favourite spot in Lytham: The Windmill
Favourite scarf: Metallic Silver Scarf
Favourite film: Anything Disney
Favourite book: Anything fashion

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