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Silver Metallics


A quick glance at the A/W17 collections reveals that sci-fi is having a bit of a moment.  The major houses - Chanel, Gucci, Comme des Garcons and Christopher Kane - all sent sci-fi silver metallics down their catwalks.

Image showing a baby blue metallic pashmina in A Sprinkle of Glitter blog
Baby Blue Metallic Pashmina

Designers appear to be looking to inspire a sense of fun and escapism in these uncertain times.   They are using out-of-this-world space-age prints and sci-fi silver metallics to achieve this.

Off the catwalk, the question is how to translate this trend into a day-to-day wearable look?  Much as we might love silver sci-fi, few of of us can get away with top-to-toe metallics without looking like an extra from Dr Who.  

Image of a Khaki Metallic Pashmina - A Sprinkle of Glitter
Khaki Metallic Pashmina

A simple accessory that references the trend is often enough.  That really is the beauty of a ladies scarf.  You can easily tap into a trend by incorporating a simple accessory but without committing to a whole new wardrobe.  What is needed sometimes is a gentle nuance rather than a bold statement. And, of course, the scarf of choice need not be a block colour.  This can make it much easier to wear and is often more complementary.  

  Burgundy Metallic Pashmina                

A Sprinkle of Glitter image showing a mustard metallic pashmina Mustard Metallic Pashmina

Metallic Pashminas

So, if you are looking for just a sprinkle of silver metallics, our Metallic Pashminas may be the perfect place to begin.  

 A simple and stylish ladies' scarf, they come in a beautiful selection of wearable colours. They feature a simple metallic silver stitching throughout.  

These Made in Italy metallic scarves are a versatile choice that reference the current trend for metallics but in a less try-hard way.  They can be worn doubled around the neck or simply draped over the shoulders, lending a touch of individuality to any outfit.  

They also add a beautiful splash of colour to whatever you are wearing.

No need to say any more.   Enjoy the photographs!   They speak for themselves.  And if you need any ideas for how to tie your pashmina, see our wonderful How to Wear a Pashmina.

As always, if you have any suggestions for future blogs, please contact me.  I would love to hear from you.  

So until next time, ciao bellissime.  A presto!

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