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Guest Blog: The Scarf Insider: The Popular Poncho Is Back

As we quickly progress into the autumn and winter months we are all starting to look for new ways to add warmth to our looks. Although I would normally suggest a ladies scarf and do still stand by the fact that they are excellent accessories for adding a cozy effect, one of the latest trends that is popping up are ponchos.

One of the main reasons for ponchos recent popularity is they are a great alternative to a coat. When in the autumn and early winter time of year it can be difficult to find an item of clothing that keeps us at the right temperature. A coat is often too much at this time of year and we end up taking it off and carrying it round with us but, at the same time, it isn’t long before we begin to feel the cold and have to snuggle back into our jackets.

Ponchos are a perfect solution to this dilemma. They are a little thinner than a coat so prove to be the perfect in between. Adding them to your outfit is so easy as they just sit on top and quickly add style. Another reason they are so loved is that they are an easy layer. As they can be easily placed over an outfit it means you can simply add thicker layers underneath if its a little cooler or just go with a simple long sleeved top if isn’t. It is the simplicity of these items that makes them so perfect and their one size fits all feature means its easy for you to find one that will suit you or give as a gift without worrying about offending with the size.

Scarf Room's Super Soft Coral Cashmere Mix Poncho  sits excellently with the ends coming together in a point. Paired with leggings, ankle boots and a jumper underneath, it gives a truly stunning effect that is so easy to create.


I really feel that ponchos are one of the best autumn and winter accessories on the market at the minute. They are just so simple to style, a wonderful free size and great for adding warmth. I definitely recommend layering a poncho this autumn/winter.

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