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Guest Blog: Scarf Insider: Leopard Print For All Seasons

Finding accessories that have the capability of matching a wide range of outfits can prove quite difficult, especially when you want something that can be paired with looks all year round. One of the best accessories available for achieving this goal is a women’s scarf and I feel the most adaptable of them all is leopard print!

You may think a leopard print scarf isn’t a year round solution as in summer they are too warm and in autumn / winter they aren’t enough but this just isn’t true. They can be styled in so many ways that can help complete looks all year round and choosing a leopard print makes this so much easier.

Scarf Room's Large Leopard Animal Print Scarf is probably one of the most simple leopard print scarves you can buy but has the capability to add the finishing touch to a range of stunning looks.

Scarf Room - The No 37 Label Large Leopard Print Scarf b

Simply let this scarf hang long around your neck helps create a great statement piece. It’s a simple look that doesn’t add too much warmth to your outfit so is perfect for spring when you just want to add that little something extra.


There are so many different varieties with leopard print scarves, making it easy to find one that can be paired with the majority of your looks. For example, Scarf Room's Multi Coloured Leopard Print Modal/Cotton Square Scarf offers all the advantages of the other but is a little more daring with its bright colour scheme. It is a gorgeous match for a range of looks and also has a beautifully soft feel, making it a lovely, luxurious item to accessorise with.

Scarf Room - The Number 37 Label Multi Coloured Leopard Print Modal Cotton Square Scarf_b

If you are aiming for something a little more elegant as your go to accessory then adding a silk scarf to your look would be perfect. Scarf Room's Brown, Black & Cream Leopard & Animal Print Pure Silk Scarf is the perfect way to add sophistication, elegance and style to your outfit and it’s so lightweight making it the perfect addition to any outfit if you don’t want a dominating accessory. I particularly love when this scarf is paired with plain black jeans and a jumper in winter as it adds a gorgeous finishing touch without overpowering the look.

Scarf Room - The No 37 Label Brown, Black & Cream Leopard Animal Print Pure Silk Scarf_b

The looks that can be created with leopard print scarves are endless. If you are looking for an addition to your overall look but don’t want to add to your too much to your outfit you could try styling your scarf with your bag. Tying a bow with a leopard print scarf round the handle of a black bag creates a striking addition to your look and doesn’t steal much away from your outfit.

Ladies scarves are a great addition all year round to a range of looks. Styling them in different ways allows one scarf to complete your looks through autumn, winter, spring and summer, the perfect accessory!

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