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Guest Blog: Scarf Insider: Autumn Chill: Blanket Wraps

As the temperature starts to slowly fall it can be quite hard to get outfits just right. Sometimes you add too much and end up being too hot and others you don’t add enough and end up freezing. It’s difficult to get right! However, if you have the right accessories it can be easier than you may think.

I will always stand by the fact the ladies scarves are an excellent way to add warmth to a winter outfit but I can admit that sometimes they aren’t enough and something a little warmer may be needed. This is why blanket wraps are perfect.

A blanket wrap is similar to a women’s scarf but much larger, enabling you to be able to wrap it around your body for warmth all over - not just around your neck. They can be simply wrapped around you to provide an extra layer to help retain the heat.

It is easy to find one that is right for you as they are available in a range of different patterns. Scarf Rooms collection features stunning patterned wraps, some simpler than others but all equally stylish. Two of my favourites are the Orange Winter Pashmina and the Dark Grey Winter Pashmina as they are easy to pair with a range of autumn/winter outfits whilst also offering a unique edge.

an image showing an orange winter pashmina



Along with everything else, a blanket wrap are so easy to style. For a simple look you can hang blanket wraps over your shoulders and drape them over your arms for an pretty cover and a little extra warmth. If its a little cooler, then wrapping them round your body tight, as shown in the picture below, is a great way to keep cozy.

When we get further into winter and it is a lot colder, a great way of styling these wraps is to pair them with jeans and a long sleeved top and if needed a scarf can be added for extra warmth. These wraps could even go over a jacket if needs be, meaning you have a few layers.

For a more snug look a belt can be added to fit the wrap closer to your body and give more shape. This looks lovely paired with jeans or leggings, a simple top and boots for a more casual look.

If you need to add a warmth to your outfit but a coat is too much then blanket wraps are the perfect in between. They can be effortlessly styled and are easy to pair with a range of colours and items, a wonderful autumn/winter accessory.

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