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Get It Right In Black & White.

We all know style when we see it, don’t we?!

And the simple, clean lines of black and white are always stylish, aren’t they?

While it's true that some days we want to dive in head-first and make a big splash with colour, on others we just want to want to keep it very simple.  And, for those times, a black and white palette is perfect.  It's a foolproof way to look polished in an effortless way.

Black and white also keeps things very easy.  It's a combination that works with everything in your wardrobe from pillar-box red lips to leopard print heels.  Put it on and you're good to go.

And if you don’t want to go all out with one look, a pop of black and white is all you need. 

Women's Scarves

Want to dip into the monochromatic palette?!   Enter your most hardworking accessory.  A beautiful women's scarf or pashmina.  It lets you channel the look without being too try-hard.  

And so first up are the black pashmina and the white pashmina from our superlative Classic Italian Pashmina and Wedding Pashmina collections.  White on black or black on white.  You choose.  It's just a timeless classic.

Image of a Black Classic Pashmina Black Wedding Pashmina
Cashmere Mix Poncho - White

White Cashmere Mix Poncho

For other ideas to add a touch of monochromatic cool to your style, please see our website.  We've got it all covered  - Winter Pashminas, Check and Tartan Scarves, Lightweight Scarves and a host of other women's scarves. Ciao bellissime.  A presto!


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