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Get Ahead with a Head Scarf

Have you seen our new beautiful new head scarf page?!!!

As part of a small all-female team, we are committed to responding to the needs of all women with the range of products we offer.  So when we were recently approached by one of our lovely customers who is undergoing chemotherapy and was looking for a head scarf to cover her head, we were more than happy to help. We then decided to put together a small collection of head scarves to give some fresh inspiration to women who, for one of many reasons, might want to or need to cover their head.

Hair Loss

Obviously, like this customer, one of the main reasons a woman might want to wear a head scarf is when receiving treatment for cancer as hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, alopecia can occur as a result of many other health conditions also and, in such cases, protecting the head and keeping it warm with a head scarf can be a necessity.  With this mind, we have carefully chosen fabrics which we believe will be the softest and most comfortable to wear against the delicate skin such as cotton-mix and silk.

 Research has shown that hair loss is one of the biggest worries for women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.  So, in addition to its practical value, a beautiful and stylish headscarf which adds volume and height, can also make a big difference to the way a woman feels about her appearance during this time.  We are confident that we have put together a range of head scarves in a palette of stunning colours and flattering fabrics that are easy to wear.

Religious/Cultural Needs

Many women also wear head scarves for religious or cultural reasons. Muslim women, in particular, often wear a hijab as a symbol of identity or mark of modesty and devotion to their faith. However, this is not unique to Islam. Christian and Jewish women in some traditions will also wear a head scarf as a cultural practice or as a commitment to modesty. But those women who choose to wear a headscarf to maintain their religious or cultural integrity are, of course, often looking for options that are stylish and fashionable too.  We hope with our beautiful collection that we are fulfilling this need, too, by offering a variety of designs such as florals and abstracts as well as simple block colours.

 Making a Fashion Statement

And then, of course, in addition to specific health, religious or cultural needs, women will often use a head scarf as a simple way to make their own unique fashion statement.  A beautiful head scarf allows us to beautifully express our individuality!   And when you start researching (as we did for the video on "How to Tie a Head Scarf" we put together to accompany the launch of our head scarf collection), you'll see the ways to tie a head scarf are seemingly limitless!!! And it's fun experimenting!!!

Keeping Cool

Finally, I had an interesting conversation with a member of our staff who is, in fact, the beautiful face of our collection. She has spent time recently overseas in Africa, which is where she learnt how to tie her scarves so confidently.   She told me that wearing a head scarf is commonplace in many African countries as a way of keeping hair off the face and keeping you really cool. I hadn't even thought of this!  So if you are going somewhere warm and beautiful this summer, don't forget your head scarf!

So, whatever your reason for wearing one, here’s to exploring the wonderful world and fashion boundary-pushing possibilities of the head scarf.   And, if you're still in any doubt whatsoever, we think our beautiful photographs make the final powerful case for this season’s favourite accessory.

As always, let us know what you think.   We looooooove your feedback.

A presto.  Ciao bellissime.  Xxx

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