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Why does fashion have such an enduring LOVE affair with tartan?  Is it, perhaps, because of its romantic origins in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland?  

an image showing a castle

Or because it manages to tap into the spirit of autumn/winter and evoke crisp, cold weather, long, bracing walks and roaring log fires?  Or is it quite simply because it is a beautiful motif available in such a variety of stunning colours that there is one to suit everyone?  

an image showing Emma Watson

Emma Watson stepping out on the red carpet


an image showing Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP wearing her iconic Highlander Fling dress

Whatever it is, fashion cannot get enough of tartan and, at both high end and high street, year after year, tartan always features.  And just think of the celebrities who have wowed in tartan – Emma Watson on the red carpet in her tartan mini-dress and Sarah Jessica Parker stepping out with Alexander McQueen wearing her headline-making Highlander Fling.

Tartan Scarves

But, anyway, back in the real world, how easy is it to bring the tartan of the red carpet and the catwalk into our own wardrobe?  

Well, no-one is ever going to go for head-to-toe in tartan.  Less is more with tartan and just a gentle reference is all that is needed.  With an accessory such as a beautiful scarf, you can tap into the trend but without going full-on checkerboard.  And, because tartan is a perennial fashion favourite, you know it will be something you can wear time and time again, year after year without it dating.


So, time to take a look at our stunning collection of number 37 tartan scarves.  We’ve included some classic favourites, together with some of the new colour-ways which have recently been added to the collection.  Take your pick!

Ciao bellissime.  A presto!

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