Scarlet Fever - A Red Pashmina Is The Only Accessory You Need


Do you know the colour of the season?   I’ve seen it bubbling under for several weeks now but suddenly it’s EVERYWHERE!   Yes, you’ve guessed it.   Red.   In all its vibrant permutations.  From pillar-box crimson to deep ruby, it’s scarlet fever people!!!

If you are like me and, because of your skin and hair colouring, find red a difficult colour to wear and so just save it for Christmas Day, think again.    It really is the most beautiful colour when used judiciously.   And it just feels so right for right now.

Given the spectrum of red out there at the moment, there has got to be a shade to suit every skin tone.  It’s just a question of finding what suits.  At Scarf Room, we have a beautiful range of reds.  These range from those in our premium classic pashmina range to our Italian metallics collection.  We also offer a collection of exquisite embroidered pashminas and merino wool pashminas from Kashmir (see right).  There are also our new Chyangra cashmere pashminas which have just come in from Nepal and are available in the exquisite jewel colours.

Finally, we have to mention our classic silks.  Oh and our range of funky animal prints like the Ombre Red Zebra Animal Print Scarf (see above).



So, let me introduce some of the stand-outs from our beautiful red collection.

First up is this striking metallic red pashmina from our premium Made in Italy range.  This is shot through with simple silver metallic thread and is finished with a simple fringing. It comes in an on-trend palette of colours including this hot red and would look stunning over a block colour daytime or evening outfit.

 The next choice is a no-brainer.   This gorgeous red pashmina is made in Nepal from 100% pure Chyangra cashmere and is just one in a stunning palette of colours.  Does it need any further description? I think the image of the red pashmina speaks volumes, don’t you?!

 These pashminas come from Kashmir and again are available in a stunning range of colours and feature a very simple but elegant plain weave.   The merino wool red pashmina I have chosen from this collection offers a beautiful pop of colour when only bright pillar box red will do.

Finally, no overview of our ladies’ scarf and pashmina collection would be complete without a mention of our beautiful Super Soft Italian Pashmina Shawl Wraps.

These pashminas are one of Scarf Room’s best sellers and are often worn over bare shoulders as a perfect cover-up or wrap at weddings and formal occasions. However, they can be worn in a more relaxed way also to add a stunning shot of colour over a simple daytime or evening outfit. They are a fabulous holiday essential, too.

There are two beautiful reds in this collection : the Super Soft Red Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf (see right):

 and the Super Soft Mandarin Red Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf (below):

And, if the above is not enough to tempt you, we also have red lace scarves, red floral scarves, red micro-modal scarves and red cotton-mix scarves.   Please see the website for our full collection of red scarves.

So, I hope you have found this red-themed edit helpful. I always love putting them together for you. As always, if you have any comments or any suggestions for future edits please contact me on  It can sometimes get lonely upstairs.

So, until the next time, ciao bellissime. A presto.


Photo credit:  Pierpaolo Ferrari for Vogue Japan

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