The number 37 Label

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Scarf Room was born in 2015 in response to a demand from the market for high quality scarves for every woman and every occasion at affordable prices.   We are a small team who love fashion and understand the difference that a great scarf can make to an outfit.  Through our own label number 37, we aim to offer all our customers an exceptional range of limited edition scarves and pashminas in a beautiful palette of colours and designs.

Scarf Room has built up very strong trading relationships with well-respected suppliers in Italy and the Far East and through these we are able to regularly expand our collections, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the UK.


It is Scarf Room’s aim to :

  • Through our own label number 37 to offer all our customers a beautiful range of high quality scarves and pashminas at an affordable price;
  • Recognise that female beauty comes in many shapes, sizes, colours and ages and to reflect this by using real women in all our advertising campaigns;
  • Provide outstanding service to all our customers whether they are either shopping with us on-line or by phone;
  • Be receptive to our customer feedback and reviews and strive constantly to improve the service we offer;
  • Offer extra services at no extra cost such as colour-matching to help customers find the perfect colour to co-ordinate their wardrobe;
  • Put together regular edits of our collections to inspire our customers to wear their scarves in different and on-trend ways;
  • Keep our website looking as beautiful as possible so that our customers want to return to it time and time again; and finally,
  • Encourage the women of this country to wear beautiful number 37 scarves, one woman at a time!


Many of our number 37 collections are sourced in Italy.   It is a country we all love and visit regularly to look for style inspiration.  Our number 37 Made in Italy collection is one we at Scarf Room are extremely proud of as we believe it offers Italian style at very affordable prices.   Our Italian collection is extensive and includes the Super Soft Classic Italian Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarves, Super Soft Italian Winter Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarves, Oversized Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarves, MicroModal Scarves, Metallic Scarves, Wool Scarves, Silk Mix Neckerchief Neck Scarves, Italian Linen Stripe Scarves, Italian Tartan Blanket Scarves, Italian Capes and Italian Cashmere-Mix Scarves and Snoods.

The number 37 collection also incorporates a beautiful range of other high quality scarves and pashminas at a very affordable price.  This includes fresh springtime prints, candy stripes, modern florals, on-trend abstracts, feminine lace, animal prints, pure merino wool, elegant silks and, last but not least, our stunning new 100% cashmere pashminas which are newly arrived from Kashmir.  

Our buyers take regular overseas trips to source new colours and designs so please visit our website regularly as the number 37 collection is constantly growing and expanding.