How To Tie A Scarf!

Welcome to our dedicated Scarf Room page for showing our customers and fans, numerous creative ways to wear and tie their scarves. We've hand-picked some of our favourite ways on how to tie a scarf from our YouTube Channel and put them here for you to view quickly and easily! Simply click on one of our 'How To Tie A Scarf' videos below and start getting creative!

How to Tie a Pashmina

10 fabulous stylish ways to tie and wear a pashmina shawl.

Criss Cross

An elegant criss-cross which injects a beautiful pop of colour into any outfit.

The Side Knot

Very Parisian chic.

The Twist

Impress your friends with this funky way of tying your scarf!

The Snood

Create a simple and chic snood look with a regular scarf.

The Loop

When you’re in a rush, choose the simple and classic loop.

The Kimono

Keep the sun off your shoulders and wear your scarf as a pretty kimono.

The Plait

For a twist on the classic loop, try the plait!

The Side Tie

The Side Tie, create a chic and sophisticated look with your scarf.

The Loop Knot

The Loop Knot, perfect for a casual but cool look.

The Twisted Choker

The Twisted Choker, for an interesting and sophisticated look.

The Jacket

The Jacket, for when you want a totally different way of wearing your scarf.

The Braid

The Braid; a really simple and quick way to create a quirky look.

The Tie

The Tie, similar to how you wear a tie – a super elegant way to wear your scarf.

The Wrap & Tie

The Wrap & Tie, which creates a casual and stylish look.

The Necklace Twist

The Necklace Twist, quirky and interesting – it’s easy once you know how!

The Tribal

The Tribal for a twist on the usual wrap around.

The Loop & Tuck

The Loop & Tuck; go for a really quirky look with a few simple steps.